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This raffle will end on 17th Feb. So what are you waiting for! Heart 

---------------------- Click on the Pic ----------------------

[FREE Raffle]~ Strawberry Frosting Love ~ (OPEN!) by BlazeDeNosferatu

nap-yoon , gratz! Soon there will be 1k! Heart 
Check out the gallery for their artworks!
They love to draw cute girls and sometimes nsfw too!

This raffle will end on 19th Feb. So there is still some time to enter!

Raffle prices!

---------------------- 1st place ----------------------

The first winner will get a full colored drawing (nsfw or not) with a background/cute pattern like those: (they will choose a half body OR a bust up)

Ryba by nap-yoonCommission 2kaze by nap-yoonWelcome! by nap-yoon

---------------------- 2nd place ----------------------

The second winner will get a cute YCH chibi with this base

base by nap-yoon
Ryba CHIBI by nap-yoonCommission sweethearthmlp by nap-yoon
KitsuneYin ... They are creating so awesome and cute monster girls!
Go check out their ARTHeart 

Here are some random favorites of their works:

Monster Girl slave #6 by KitsuneYin Monster Girl slave #5 ( Auction open ) by KitsuneYin

Mature Content

Monster girl Gao series #9 by KitsuneYin
  Kemono slave #3 by KitsuneYin  Monster Girl slave #4 by KitsuneYin 

Mature Content

Kemono slave #2 by KitsuneYin

Mature Content

Kemono slave #1 by KitsuneYin

Mature Content

Monster Girl slave #8 by KitsuneYin

Orchid Fox by KitsuneYin  tactical witch 3 (commission ) by KitsuneYin  wendigo girl (commission) by KitsuneYin  Aldora by KitsuneYin  Tactic witch 1 by KitsuneYin

I am writing their, cuz it seems that there are multiple creators, but I am not sure..

ArtFeature - schizosvenia

Sat Jan 20, 2018, 7:49 AM

schizosvenia ... Just wow! Look at her ART !!  Heart 
Whenever I get some money, I am going to ask commission from her!

Here are some random favorites of her works:

paradise by schizosvenia Commission For Mkatkannon by schizosvenia
I'm Going to Call You Now, So Answer the Phone! by schizosvenia Smoot by schizosvenia The Closed Eyes of Love by schizosvenia
Commission For Babysupernova (2/2) by schizosvenia when i die by schizosvenia AT with Kioler by schizosvenia

ArtFeature - TashaTaku

Thu Jan 18, 2018, 8:49 AM

TashaTaku has unique and awesome style! Go check out her ART and give some luv! Heart 

Here are some random favorites of her works:

Practice Shit by TashaTaku 

Mature Content

Chibi Baphomet by TashaTaku

Lady Baphomet SFW by TashaTaku Insect Girl by TashaTaku
Amethyst SU by TashaTaku  Color Practice by TashaTaku  Half orc DnD character by TashaTaku
Raven Teen Titans Request. by TashaTaku Commission: Character Concept by TashaTaku Christmas Commission by TashaTaku
WIP Character Reference Sheet by TashaTaku